The arches of the foot are formed by the combination of the bone and muscle structure. They consist of three arches, the longitudinal, metatarsal, and medial-arch. The largest and best known of the foot's arches is the medial arch, which forms the hollow at the palm of the foot. Most sport shoes have a medial foam arch. The smaller longitudinal arch lays parallel to the medial arch on the outside of the foot. The metatarsal arch reaches across the forefoot immediately behind the ball of the foot.
High arch foot without an orthotic:

Fallen arch foot without an orthotic:

Step Forward Orthotics help put your feet back into a more natural and comfortable position.

Step Forward's Orthotics are designed with the shape of a normal foot. Using Step Forward's Orthotics will, in time, allow your foot to return to this normal, more natural positioning. When worn properly, the foot muscles will strengthen through isometric contractions which will eventually coax the connective tissues to hold the foot in its natural position. The result for the wearer is proper mechanical alignment and greater comfort.