About Step Forward Company, Inc.  

Historically, the Soft-Step Foot Corrector was designed and developed in Germany over 35 years ago by George Alzner who researched and studied the dynamics of the feet for twenty years before making the arches, formerly known as Alzners.  Then in 1962 the arches became available in the United States.  In the late 1970's Step Forward began manufacturing the arches in Seattle, Washington.  At this time, new molds were made which included major changes and corrections.

Step Forward was established in 1974 by Roxanne Kimber and Dave Arnett.  Mrs. Kimber experienced severe back and shoulder problems and could only attain relief through the use of the Alzner orthotic.  Her enthusiasm of the product grew and she began to distribute the orthotics.  Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Kimber recognized the shortcomings of the Alzner orthotic and acquired the help of professionals to redesign the orthotic.  New molds were made and the Soft-Step Foot Corrector was born.

Through the years many other products have surfaced, but none with the integrity and reliability of the Soft-Step and Plastosan Arches.  Step Forward started out by distributing supports to local doctors and clinics.  The product is quite unique and specialized which attracts many distributors both from medical professions and not, just as you are seeking information now.

Step Forward was established to help persons with legitimate problems stemming from the feet.  The company has grown through the years and now distributes in the United States, Canada and Japan.  In 1987, Step Forward was the only US company with orthotics to be invited to a Made In The USA show in Osaka, Japan.

The Soft-Step Foot Corrector is the main orthotic the Company provides, being both manufacturer and distributor for the product.  The Soft-Step has provided relief and correction in 95% of the people we see and fit.  It is made of a flexible material that does not generate or retain heat, cause the boot to sweat, or retain any type of odor.  Women can wear them in high heels, and sandals by placing them inside their stockings.  Likewise, they fit in 95% of the footwear on the market including boots, loafers, and tennis shoes.  This style of orthotic has been on the market for over 30 years and the Soft-Step has been continually improved as needed to match the needs of the market.

Step Forward is staffed by people who care and have a thorough knowledge of the product.

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